Pit of Purcarel

Pit of Purcarel

Purcarel quarry is the name of a natural circular hollow, probably a drained lake. The clay composition of the soil (typical of moraines) occasionally turns it into a pond rich in amphibious fauna.

 It is a site of archaeological interest. The bank is surrounded by twelve well-preserved stone accumulations lying on rectangular platforms.
These accumulations, placed at a regular distance from one another, are thought to be ruins of a bronze age village (as Pinza stated in “Storia delle civiltà antiche”, Hoepli, Milano,1923), in which huts were built on an upper dry level on the lake.
 Archaeological excavations have revealed a number of relics. Comparing the pieces of the plates and the tankards found in the quarry, with the pieces of the pots, it is clearly visible that they were manufactured and belonged to people living in the quarry in both the Neolithic Age (BC 3500) and the late Bronze Age (BC 1500). Moreover, they seem to be connected to the two pirogues found in the closeby Bertignano Lake. All these relics can be found at the Antiques Museum in Turin. (Museo delle antichità – Torino).

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