The Vercelli rice

In the fifteenth century, the Vercelli area began its gradual transformation to accommodate the production of what is now its product par excellence: rice.

Numerous reclamation and irrigation works were done, and even today, centuries later, rice cultivation techniques are perfected and improved.

The Vercelli area epitomises the territory with the widest assortment of rice in Italy, well over 100 varieties, among which the Baldo, the Arborio, the Sant’Andrea, the Carnaroli and the Balilla.

These varieties are linked to one of the most widespread culinary traditions in the area: risotto. As we wrote in the article, the “good dish food” that symbolizes the Vercelli area is precisely the Panissa, a rural risotto in which local rice is combined with beans and “salam d’la duja” (fat-covered salami).

For the Vercelli area, rice is synonymous with history, wealth and tradition. Furthermore, the rice fields give the area a captivating and fascinating landscape, which can be admired in its many nuances in any season.


Discover the Vercelli rice

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