The Menhirs of Cavaglià (BI)

The Menhirs of Cavaglià (BI)

Among the items of interest within the village, there is a cromlech, that is to say a type of circular monument consisting of a set of large rough stones – the so-called “menhirs“.

The site can be observed from the entrance to the town near the first roundabout you cross when approaching from State Road 142 (Strada Statale n. 142) to Biella. It was built recently, by moving and positioning ancient boulders, the dating of which is not certain: many menhirs are from the Neolithic period, but their construction continued until the Bronze Age and also in periods closer to ours (until the threshold of the Middle Ages). A suggestive hypothesis is that these are ancient megaliths erected for use as targets to mark the rising or setting on the celestial sphere of specific astronomical objects such as the Sun during the solstices, the Moon during the lunastices and the main stars.

The Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Piedmont believes that the Cavaglià megalithic complex refers to a sacred pre-Roman area; the presence of rock engravings has been observed on at least a dozen stones (a cross and a cup, probably late medieval), as well as traces of ancient workmanship.


The mysterious Menhirs of Cavaglià


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